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Besides one on one coaching with the amazing Dorah Fine, I have taken many different classes to broaden my voice over abilities!

Instructor: Tony Oliver

  • Intro to Voice Acting 

    • Basic line reading, breathwork, confidence building.

  • Intermediate Voice Acting Techniques

    • Emotional articulation, reacting to lines, directed line reading.

Instructor: John Wang

  • Voice Acting 101

    • Basics of voice usage (breathwork, warmups, articulation, pronunciation). Included line reading.

  • Voice Acting 201

    • Basic emotional use in VO work, how to break down the emotions and how to express them so that others can hear them. Included directed line reading.

Instructor: Brendan Hunter

  • Voice Acting 301

    • More detailed emotional work along with learning to listen. Included directed line reading.

Instructor: Elley Ray

  • Mastering Characters

    • In depth work developing a catalogue of characters and the ability to both perform and sustain them. Included directed line reading.

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